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About us

hazebase is your supplier for professional fog machines, hazers and fog liquids. hazebase owner and founder Uta Raabe works in sales and support of fog machines since 1991 and can look back to a thorough experience in that industry.

The quality of the hazebase machines, which are manufactured by Ottec GmbH, a company that also produces for other well-known sales departments, is characterised by high reliability and robustness. Different types of fog machines and hazers with various features combined with high quality fog liquids fulfil the several customers` needs. hazebase themselves makes high demands to their fog liquid supplier concerning the commodities, cleanliness and quality to make sure to deliver only the best qualtity and reliability to their customers. For the machines which are delivered in a flightcase hazebase only uses Amptown Flightcases which complement the professional machines with an equally professional flightcase.

Detailed advice and service and short delivery times are a matter of course for hazebase. If neccessary hazebase will quickly deliver replacements in an uncomplicated way. In short: the after sales support is most important for hazebase.

Qualitiy has got its price BUT hazebase tries to offer a fair price policy to make working with hazebase products cost-effective and fun for anybody.

hazebase goes America

Since the beginning of this year hazebase is now represented by Inner Circle Distribution (ICD) in the United States and Caribbean. Craig Singer, ICD President, comments “ We are proud of such a quality product as hazebase. We will continue to professionally represent hazebase for many years to come”

ICD which is located in Florida, was founded in 2005. ICD is the sole distributor of Elements. They turned out to be one of the largest entertainment equipment suppliers in the United States.

Uta Raabe, hazebase: “I`m happy to have such a committed partner in the United States. ICD continues to represent hazebase in a professional and knowledgeable manner.“

Bruce Bandy, ICD: „ When I saw the basedothazer, the world’s first 19“ sized hazer built into a robust road case, for the first time, I knew that with the right backing that the Americans will love that product and I`m right. The basedothazerdotpro is truly the best water based option for not just the demanding touring market for which it has a strong foothold, but clubs and churches across the United States. Hazebase manufacture far superior machines that we will continue to fully get behind to great success.“

Uta Raabe: „Next to already ten strong European and hazebase distributors ICD stands for another step forward to establish the hazebase brand even more in the industry.“

hazebase at the prolight & sound show 2008 in Frankfurt/Main

The Prolight & Sound 2008 is over and we are pleased that so many visitors have found their way to us!

We would like to take the opportunity and thank all visitors, customers and those who maybe will become our customers in the future!

Here are some pictures of our stand:

Unser Messestand
Unser Messestand
Unser Messestand
Unser Messestand
Unser Messestand
Unser Messestand

hazebase at a Volkswagen gala event

Two hazebase basedothazer were used at a conference of Volkswagen’s Original Parts Sales Department. The conference included a gala performance with dinner. The concept of the show was a fusion of classic meets Rock plus a vaudeville act. All performances, singers and acrobats were accompanied by a symphonic orchestra.

Frederic Bommart, the light designer in charge , deliberately chose two hazers from hazebase for this production, which took place for six weeks.

Frederic Bommart: “Due to the basedothazer’s very small height (only 3 RU), we were able to integrate the machines in the stairs of the stage. The fine adjustability with digital technology provided us with a really precise dose of haze. The performance of these machines in incredible. Both machines were sufficient for our 18 meters stage – 36 meters including the wings. On top the bazedothazers shined with an enormously low fluid consumption. The show was running for six weeks (two shows per week which lasted 4 hours each) and at the end we discovered that the fluid tanks of both machines (a 5 litre canister of basehazerliquid) were only half empty. The bazedothazer is a very convincing product!”


hazebase congratulates on Oscar Award

We are very pleased that we can congratulate the manufacturer of our fog machines and hazers, Ottec GmbH and their team, on winning an Oscar Award.

Uta Raabe:“ I´m proud to work with a supplier whose work is honored with an award like this. To be honest, who else knows an Oscar winner personally?“

Raabe continues:“ When Rüdiger Kleinke told me that he and Jörg Pöhler would have to go to Beverly Hills to receive the award, I myself got goose skin and I´m happy that all their hard work pays off like this.

By the way, the Oscar winning technology is used in the basedotbattery as well: The battery operated fog machine with 400W / 12V that does not have any heat-up time which is a very special and unique feature developed by the „Ottecs".

The hazebase team is looking forward to continuing to the co-operation with the two Oscar winners!

Sirius elects hazebase

Peter Seifert, lighting designer and operator of Sirius Showequipment AG elects two hazebase basedothazer for the 2007 Laith Al-Deen tour.

Not only the fantastic German artist Laith Al-Deen and his fabulous band, but also the perfect lighting design of Peter Seifert make the concerts unforgettable.

Peter Seifert: "Without fog and haze the light would not come across very well. That is the reason why I decided to use two basedothazer on this tour and I am absolutely thrilled by these machines. The fluid consumption is so low and the hazer achieves exactly the effects I like to have. The output is huge and the machines are precisely adjustable."

Uta Raabe: "I have seen the Laith Al-Deen concert in Hannover and I have been really excited. Peter`s way to express moods in lighting is brilliant. I`m really proud that our products satisfy the needs of a lighting designer who is as proficient in his work as Peter and that our machines help to make the shows something really special."

Peter Seifert: "Hazer and fog machines which are so compact, that work without any problems and have such a low fluid consumption like the hazebase machines are even supplemented by an excellent service and short delivery times. Uta Raabe knows exactly how everything works and I`m looking forward to future projects during which I will work with her, because for me hazebase is the number one supplier wherever haze or fog is needed."


hazebase basedothazer at SAS (Spike All Stars) in Norway

The rental company Topcoat, which belongs to the Norway hazebase distributor Lyd of Lys Norge AS, was responsible for light, sound and stage at the concert of SAS (Spike All Stars). SAS was founded by Queen keyboarder Spike Edney and the concert took place in the brand new Tromsoesalen Congress Hall, which is located inside the big SAS Hotel Tromsoe. The congress hall has enough room for 1000 people.

The following artist have been invited and participated in this event:

Spike Edney, Keyboards (Queen)
Jamie Moses, Guitars (Queen)
Chris Thompson (Manfred Man)
Paul Young (Everytime you go away)
Fish (Marillion)
Terry Jacks (Seasons in the sun)
And a lot of talented local singers and musicians.

The only fog machine, or better hazer, which was used was a hazebase basedothazer.

Lars Inge Pedersen, Lyd of Lys Norge AS: „We brim over with enthusiasm for the basedothazer. This compact device in an advantageous 19” stage case provides the necessary atmosphere to visualize the light beams. Amazing, how powerful the 1500W basedothazer is. But at the same time it remains precisely adjustable , so that it is suited for smaller stages as well. We are happy that we are the hazebase distributor for Norway. We can be sure that all products are professional fog machines, hazers and fog liquids which allows us to supply our customers with reliable high quality products.“


hazebase at Toto show

Who does not know them, the numerous hits of Toto like „Hold the Line“, „Africa“ and „Rosanna“?

It should be understandable that the hazebase team is proud that their fog machines have been used at an open-air show of a famous band like that.
Herbert Heinze of Blue Sound Veranstaltungstechnik, who was responsible for the light & sound: "We decided to use hazebase products because these products are well known for their reliability and robustness. We had difficult weather conditions at this show because it was raining almost the whole night and most of all there was strong wind with frequent squalls.“
Uta Raabe: “In order too be prepared for everything, we delivered different types of hazebase fog liquids so that we could decide which type to use according to the conditions.
Of course, I was very excited and hoped that all hazebase products would satisfy everybody and I am happy that everybody actually was at the end."
A basedotclassic cased and a basedothighpower cased have been used on the 16x12 meters sized stage. Both machines have been operated with basedotXL - extrem long lasting fog liquid - so that all light effects came acrross really well but if needed, it also was possible to fog the whole stage.
Because of the good cooperation everybody - the organizer, the operating company Blue Sound Veranstaltungstechnik and the band - were happy in the end.

Our photographer Claudius Lüder caught some impressions:

Unser Messestand
Unser Messestand
Unser Messestand


hazebase at the prolight & sound show 2007 in Frankfurt/Main

In March 2007 hazebase presented its newly founded company and their range of hazers, fog machines and fog liquids to the lighting & sound industry for the first time. The response was overwhelming and, the interest in our range was fantastic. Hereby we would like to thank all visitors of our stand. You are part of our successful first presentaion to the public.

We tried to catch some impressions of our first exhibition days, so please have a look



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