base*vertical, base*touring*PLUS und base*xlr remote Pro jetzt lieferbar!

Zur diesjährigen Prolight & Sound haben wir neue Produkte vorgestellt.

Die base*vertical – eine professionelle vertikale Nebelmaschine – und den base*touring*PLUS – ein 3in1 Gerät mit Hazer, Nebelmaschine und Lüfter.  Mit dem base*xlr remote pro wird eine neue Sterungsmöglichkeit geschaffen. Alle Produkte sind jetzt lieferbar und können über den Händler Ihres Vertrauens bezogen werden.


The base*Vertical is the first professional vertical fog machine on the market and impresses with its compact design. It creates unique vertical fog effects and you can produce nice fire effect if you are illuminated by light.


The base*Touring*PLUS, internally also called The Beast, is at home on the big stages of this world.

The combination of Hazer/fog machine is suitable for large applications. The 1060Watt fan ensures a fast and efficient distribution in the room. Everything is compact and roadworthy installed in an Amptown Case.

The base * touring * PLUS has already been used successfully at the Depeche Mode Tour. For more information visit our Facebook page.

base*xlr-remote Pro

With the base*xlr-remote Pro is creating a new control concept.
The output of the fog machine can be precisely controlled via fader. The connection is via a 3-pin XLR connector.
base*vertical at the Prolight & Sound 2017

For further information don´t hesitate to contact us or ask your local dealer