hazebase introduces classic2 and highpower2, two innovative fog machines

Wedemark, 22.03.2021: hazebase presents the new generation of classic and highpower. Under the name classic2 and highpower2, the fog machines have been redeveloped from scratch. Compared to the previous models, the classic2 and highpower2 have 20% less power loss.

With the classic2 and highpower2 hazebase continues the success of the two fog machines. Thanks to the partnership with the company Jumptronic from Springe, the two fog machines were developed from scratch. Because of this, the power loss could be reduced by 20% compared to the previous models, offering customers even more efficient machines for their fog applications. 

The professional user has full control over the fog machines with DMX and RDM. By means of OLED display the devices can be configured easily. 

Thanks to the two engineers Rüdiger Kleinke and Henning Kluge from Jumptronic, we can implement customer wishes even better and reposition hazebase as an innovative fog machine manufacturer on the market,” says Uta Raabe, founder of hazebase.

classic2 – The classic with 1600W 

The classic2 has DMX and RDM similar to the other hazebase fog machines of the new generation. With 1600W, an output range of up to 15 m can be achieved. The classic2 is configured and operated via the 1.3″ OLED display. The firmware of the fog machines is also created in self-programming. This makes it possible to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements. The classic2 is available in two versions, 115V and 230V. 

More information about classic2 https://hazebase.de/nebelmaschinen/classic2/ 

highpower2 – Maximum fog power with changeable nozzle 

The highpower has always stood for maximum fog power in the hazebase company history. In the version of the highpower2, the user gets an even more powerful fog machine with 3100W. One of the highlights of the highpower2 is the changeable fog nozzle. There is a choice between two different types of nozzles, which can be flexibly exchanged depending on the application. With the noise-reducing nozzle, the volume of the fog output is reduced, which nevertheless results in an output range of up to 15 meters. With the wide jet nozzle, discharge distances of up to 20 m can be realized. 

As usual in the professional environment, the highpower2 also has DMX and RDM. 

More information about highpower2 https://hazebase.de/nebelmaschinen/highpower2/ 

Further innovative hazebase products are already in development

Among other things, two hazer generators that will build on the success of the base*hazer*pro. Fans of the hazebase brand can look forward to many new products in the coming months. Initial information can already be found on the website.

about hazebase 

hazebase is the supplier for professional fog machines, hazers and fog liquids. hazebase owner Uta Raabe has been active in the sale and support of fog machines since 1991 and can look back on many years of experience. In addition, the products convince with quality “Made in Germany”.


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